Enjoy the silence of the arctic!

Pull the plug, leave civilisation behind, and recharge your batteries. You will not be thinking about work when you see this.

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Guided treks through the Arctic wilderness

Pack your backpack, lace up your boots, and experience the Arctic wilderness for yourself on a professionally guided trek.

Dear trekkers. Due to COVID-19 there are currently restrictions on travel to Svalbard. We expect that the situation will gradually normalise over the summer. Our trekking calendar is therefore open for booking and we expect to trek beautiful Svalbard this summer in accordance with the COVID-19 safety regulations of the Norwegian Health Authorities. Should travel restrictions nonetheless prevent you from joining us, we always offer a full and hazzle-free refund. Please contact us if you have any questions. We hope to see you in the Arctic.

Great treks

  • Single day treks to local peaks, glaciers and valleys for beginners and experienced trekkers alike.
  • Multi day treks for experienced trekkers looking for something special and to learn something new.
  • Trekking courses giving you the skills and knowledge you need to do your own treks in the Arctic

No fuss

  • Small groups of likeminded trekkers ensure that you meet interesting people and have a great time
  • Setting out from Longyearbyen not far from your accommodation, and all starting points are easy to reach
  • Svalbard is easy and cheap to get to, no matter where you live in the world.


  • Experienced guides with deep knowledge of the Arctic and lots of treks under their belt
  • You are fully covered by our search and rescue insurance, so just bring your basic travel insurance
  • Our Weather Guarantee makes sure that you will be fully refunded if the weather prevent your trek.

Suits your needs

  • Tailor made treks for you who have special destinations, wildlife or terrain in mind
  • Treks all year taking advantage of the unique opportunities afforded by every Arctic season
  • Flexible calendar allowing treks to be rescheduled to suit your flight schedule

"Trekking in the summer night"
"Morten is very friendly and contactable guide. He take care about each participant on the track. I felt absolutely save with him. It is very important on Svalbard! Because you can't travel around without rifle. Amazing views from the plateau are guaranteed. This trek was an absolute pleasure. Thank you!"

"Trekking the Troll Stone Mountain"
"My wife and I decided to do a hike whilst in Svalbard and came across and small company called Svalbard Trekking. Our guide was an absolute champ, bursting with knowledge and really friendly. Had such a great time and the views from up there were second to none."